Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cupcake Wednesdays.....

So one of the BEST parts of my job is that I still get a summer vacation :)  And that means that I am fortunate to spend the entire summer at home with my beautiful daughters, what could be better right?

I have been baking pretty regularly lately, and I thought since I have the time now I would like to try a new cupcake recipe each week.  Deciding on a day was relatively easy....Monday and Tuesday start the week and cupcakes would definitely be gone by the weekend, and Thursday and Friday I usually am baking anyway.  Wednesday was the obvious choice for two reasons: 1.  It is hump day.  The middle of the week and it seems to go by so slowly when I am at work.. and 2.  What could be better than cupcakes in the middle of the week :)  I will call it Cupcake Wednesdays and by the time school starts up again I will have at least 7 new recipes!

My husband and daughters will be my official tasters, I know they will be super excited since I don't always bake just for us.  Where will all of the other cupcakes go?  Not quite sure but I know I have some neighbors who would be willing to taste test if they had to :)  I am excited to start tomorrow....will post some pictures when I get done.

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